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Welcome to Toronto Webworks. An exclusive website design and marketing team. What does this mean? Well, it means anybody wishing to use our service must apply and be approved. We choose our clients selectively as not to have any conflict of interest towards SEO or Marketing. We want to stand behind our clients - we want to put up a page on our site dedicated to your site and to recommend you to our friends, family, and other clients. Developing a bond between businesses that is built on trust, good standing practices and fair value. Toronto Webworks offers a huge spectrum of services while remaining focused on the goal to have your business heard and seen. We work with some of the most competitive industries like locksmiths, accountants and landscapers. Many of our clients are from Toronto, a city of over 2.5 million people. We also serve a constantly growing number of clients from the United States. This makes for a great example of being heard and seen in the midst of a giant crowd. Toronto related searches yield massive results and we are committed to getting you shown at the top of them.


Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Rank & Online Advertising .


Custom Website Design, WordPress Development, E-commerce and Maintenance


Graphic Design, Social Page Design, Print Design, Branding & Logo Design



  • SEARCH ENGINE Optimization

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1 Hour / $100 CDN


One hour of SEO, Graphic Design, Marketing Advice or any other of our services. You pick what you want to be done. We do it. This is good for people who want to see what we can do in one hour, but don't want to commit to a larger budget for the month.

6 Hours / $500 CDN

Good for small businesses and one location shops who want to make a big impact in their area. This is often enough to get results for a few keywords in a small to medium size town. May not be suitable for large cities with high rate of competition or if you choose too many keywords. The 'key' here is to keep it simple and maximize your leads with a few keywords you are already doing well with.

14 Hours / $1000 CDN


This is the best deal as you get the most amount of time for the least amount of money per hour. This is ideal for locksmiths in large cities and with many keywords in mind. It's also a good fit for smaller businesses looking for a big push in SEO and online presence. We work to push your social media platforms, we analyze your site and see what responds the best. our Premium 14-hour clients are often sent free marketing material or bonus hours for their continued support.


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