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Car Quote Version 1.2.1


This is a WordPress plugin used to help locksmiths and dispatchers to know the prices of the thousands of cars out there. You can enter a price for opening, new keys, options, and notes.
Most cars are already listed all you have to do is enter the prices with the bulk editor. For example, you can change the price of all Fords from 1999-2009 or all Toyota Camrys from 1998-2010. You can add vehicles and use this to store pricing information. This will help price those surprise vehicles that require expensive blanks or lengthy programming times.

Future Updates May Include (with enough support)

Public-Facing Quote Finder (optional) This will give customers the ability to see the price right away for their service, only showing make model and price for opening. or originate key

Database to include information on blanks and programming options on 1000’s of vehicles.



Available on backorder

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Car Quote

Only Available to Toronto WebWorks active clients as of now.  Public release will be available soon.


    • WordPress Plugin (Requires WordPress website)
    • 1 Year Access to updates
    • 28,000+ vehicles already added
    • Ability to add more vehicles
    • Ability to search by manufacturer and model or year range
    • Ability to add notes for employees like key blanks and programming options
    • Ability to add multiple service prices and info for employee use
    • The database is started by us but built by you. You own it. Paying for updates is not required to continue to use it.
    • Possible to install locally on your computer. (requires setup)
    • Ability to backup and restore your database.



fixed styling and added logo


Added backup/restore to database

Added several new fields for info including programming, key blank, opening price, originate key price, ignition replace price


Ability to Bulk add cars

Dropdown autocomplete for make model and year.


Added confirmation to changing bulk prices to prevent mistakes being made by the user.


Ability to bulk change prices

Ability to add cars




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