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Website Resources

Check out some of these tools to make your site better. If you are a Toronto Webworks customer and would like us to fix anything found with these tools please log in and start a discussion with your account. If you would like to sign up please fill out this application.


Mobile Friendly

Is your site mobile friendly? Ours are, it's incredibly important these days as more and more people are using phones and small screen devices such as tablets.
Check your website at the official Google Mobile Friendly Test page.


How fast can you serve your site to your customers? Too slow and not only will your customers go elsewhere but so will search engines. Search engines provide customer experience and they don't want to serve their customers sites that are down or too slow. Don't be trapped with slow hosting or heavy sites.


Is your site a threat? are you hosting malware? Does Google or other search engines consider your site safe? It's best to check as many ways as possible to detect threats which can harm your business directly by having search engines flag you as a spammy or hacked. One tool you can use is Sucuri.


How accessible is your site? Can people limited vision or color blindness make out your text? is it friendly to people of all reading levels? Use these tools to check.